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What are you looking for?

Sooooo, what are you looking for? For years, many have tried to find happiness, peace and joy in the world and while spending money, time, effort, they loose heart, are still disappointed and end up as just as empty as when they started. Yet, they still pursue the things of this world to make them happy. Well, I submit to you that the happiest people in the world are God's people. We don't have to seek stuff, status, or the superficial temporal satisfaction that the world considers happiness or success. SO! Stop trying to get your peace, your joy, your satisfaction from the world which, at best, is a fleeting effort. Give God a try. Stop by bring a friend and learn what you were created to be and then how to..... WALK IN IT!

We Need MEN who are FIT!

As one of our outreach efforts is dealing with the mentoring of young fathers, our collaborative effort with several local agencies has produced our internal program which we call FIT. That is Fathers In Training. The statistics are alarming as over 19 Million households have children that do not have a father in the home. This is according to the Bureau of Statistics 2017 census. If this was a disease it would be considered an epidemic and in need of emergency actions. Unfortunately, it has gone unnoticed for so long that instead of an epidemic, it has become almost normal in many communities.

Our outreach involves a program called “The 24/7 Dad” which is a program created by a program called the National Fatherhood Initiative. This programs vision is simply, “For every child to grow up with an involved, responsible, and committed father”. This vision is one that we are adopting to guide our purpose and efforts in our FIT program. We need your help as we reach out to many in our area who have fathered a child and are not FIT. This may be the result of their not having a father figure or a bad one so instead of leaving it there for the next generation, we can take action with that young man to start a new family tradition of strong, caring, and fully involved dads.

As Pastor K.I. is working with the Catherine Foundation that will facilitate this countywide program, we are in need of your support by referring any father who can benefit from this free service. The scheduled sessions will be on every Tuesday from 6:30pm until 8:30pm. There will be a three week minimum as the program will be broken down to ensure that each stage is carefully explored and adequately practiced. Each stage progressively provides a learning environment that will cover many basic and eventually advanced subjects.

Let us start to change our families now, let us stop the destructive effects of broken households and relationships between dads and children. Think of those who you know and give the children the gift of a better hope as their dads become FIT dads.

Please send an email or call to submit your request to be involved as a FIT dad or feel free to refer a friend.

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