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Come with us as we continue to walk thru the Bible in 2022

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With more than 30 years in the service of the Lord, Pastor K.I. and Minister Liz Smith have dedicated their lives to the cause of Christ. As Pastors of The Church, their passion and drive is to Love God, Love God’s Word, and Love God’s people! Simple, but effective in directing all that they do. They are driven to present the Good News of Jesus in ways that will change lives by the conviction of the Holy Spirit and to encourage the commitment allowing them to be used of the Lord. In all they do for the Body of Christ, the goal is to promote positive godly change in the saints lives by the Spirit and Word of God!

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K.I. & Liz Smith

Greeting Saints,

     We would like to welcome each of you back to our webpage and, to those who have joined for the first time, we hope you are blessed as you walk through our pages. Let me say that it is an honor and privilege to be able to share with each of you of the things past, present, and future regarding The Church. There is much to input here and we are working to provide value added information and resources soon. 

Folks, we have finally been able to start our radio program as well as additional YouTube and Zoom webinar video programs. This is an awesome opportunity for us to come into you homes via radio and video each day. First, we are on several radio stations in the North Carolina area. You can simply tune into WLLY 1350 AM and have access to what is on the other stations. Our program is "THE CHURCH WITH PASTOR K.I. The times are Monday thru Saturday 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm. You can also cath us on CurrentFM serving Virginia Beach and surrounding area on CurrentFM each Sunday at 8:30am.


Here are the links:  or,

You can also join us each Sunday at 10:00am and each Wednesday at 6:00pm on Zoom at this link:


Multimedia Connections


The Church Supports and or provides outreach to the following.....

Join us and get to know your Heavenly Father personally! 

World Vision

Food to the Poor

The Bible League

Children's International

The Catherine Foundation

Fatherhood Mentorship Program

Virgin and Caribbean Islands Missionary Support

Food Pantry 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sundays 12:30Pm - 2:30pm

Heading 1

Service Times

Adult Sunday School - 9:00am

Children's Sunday School - 9:00am

Sunday Service - 10:10am

Wednesday Bible Study - 7:00pm

Friday Night Prayer Service - 7:00pm

Young Adults Ministry - Monthly (TBD)

How to Contact Us.....

To get additional information about the efforts we are involved in or, to connect with our staff, please feel free to reach out to our Church Administrator Ms. Dominique Smith. She is available to discuss church official business and to assist when any outside requests are made as well. 


Ms. Dominique Smith

Tel: 240-918-3377

email at, 

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